Ericsson is one of the leading providers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to service providers. We enable the full value of connectivity by creating game-changing technology and services that are easy to use, adapt, and scale, making our customers successful in a fully connected world.

Ericsson empowers an intelligent, sustainable and connected world and we do it by relentlessly innovating technology that are easy to use, scale and adapt.

Ericsson IT Trainee program
Ericsson is on a journey of digital transformation affecting all parts of the company from customer and development to delivery. As part of the program you’ll have the possibility to join high performing team(s), focusing on transforming the operating model of Ericsson using cutting edge technology. You’ll work with experts in key technologies in Cloud, Analytics, Automation, including Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Cyber threats are increasing daily requiring an integration of IT security into all aspects of Ericsson’s business. You will use your engineering degree
and competence to develop solutions that solves real, complex business problems across all areas of Ericsson.
This program is an opportunity for you to have an insight in different areas at Ericsson, such as Cloud, Cyber Security and Automation & Analytics. Through a combination of job rotation, training and constant challenge, you’ll learn and engage with live projects.

Graduating in 2021 with a Bachelor or Master’s degree in Computer Science, IT, Engineering, Physics or other relevant field of studies or with up to 1-year experience.

You have a strong interest in the IT field and are eager to learn.
You are energetic with open inquisitive mindset.
You are inherently curious and hands-on, can-do attitude.

Ericsson Early Career Programs
We have two Early Career Programs designed for recent graduates and those who already have some professional experience and an outstanding record. These programs are intended to give your career added momentum at just the right time – maximizing the business skills you’ve gained so far, adding more to your repertoire
and equipping you to make an impact on the global stage.


Our INNOVATE Early Careers Program focuses on technology leadership. Our aim is to attract and guide the most talented, innovative and creative technology minds. We offer you the opportunity to engage with the most exciting technology on the planet and the challenges it brings. We’ll give you an awesome career that uses
technology to change how we live, work and connect our communities, but you’ll have the passion and drive to make the future happen. We’ll give you an 18-month development program and you’ll use your experience to educate and connect the world.

EXCELLERATE is an opportunity to engage with commercial projects at a strategic and global level, rising to challenges and becoming a leader. We’ll give you the most awesome career, but you’ll be the one seizing the opportunities and making it happen, bringing the right skills, attitude and vision. We work, we implement, and we embrace opportunity on a grand scale. You’ll use vision and ambition to share our global perspective. We’ll give you an 18-month development program and you’ll gain real practical insight into our business, our customers and how we integrate end-to-
end solutions.


Becoming a part of us means we’ll, after your trainee program ends, give you access
to hundreds of career opportunities in locations all over the world with the support to
really find ‘your great’ and the ability to rediscover it, again and again.


Are you in?

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How many trainees do you hire?

We hire 10-15 for our IT Trainee program and around 40 globally

for our Early Career Programs.

In what country/countries is your program situated?
The IT Trainee program is based in Sweden but with rotations abroad. The Early Career Program is global, and locations can open up everywhere where we exist (180 countries) but with one rotation abroad.

How long is your trainee-program?
IT trainee program is 12 months, and the Early Career Program is 18 months.

When does the application open
Middle of November

When does the program start?
End of August/beginning of September 2021