Art Director

Traineedagen team

Working as Art Director in the Traineedagen Team you will work closely with the rest of the team to host the fair Traineedagen that attracts both students and companies that wants to make connections and talk about current trainee positions. Your role as an Art Director will be to create all marketing material for the fair as well as graphic material that will be used, for example the website, ads, the catalog, signs and posters.



·   You are currently enrolled as a student

·   Fluent in Swedish

·   Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and InDesign

·   Team player


If you have previous experience in hosting events and fairs, or have created graphic material for the purpose of marketing it will be seen as an extra merit.  


As an employee at a student driven company you will not be paid an ordinary salary. Instead we offer loads of personal development, a lot of new friends and experience that your future employer will find attractive. As an Art Director, you will get a subscription of the Adobe software.

Joel Blomén, Art Director in the Trainee-TEAM 2018

"I did it for the creative freedom, meeting new people and companies. But as I reflect on it I can't really find a reason why you shouldn't apply"

I was looking for a new challenge as my previous was about to end. Two persons from the class above me was handing out coffee for CHS at that time and we started talking. They were responsible of 2017 traineedagen and told me about their experience. They talked about the opportunities to make it to "your-own-fair", and all the benefits you get as a CHS employee. I was convinced.

I think it was when I attended our first weekly meeting I realized my what Promotion could give me. I got to see what everybody was working on, and I was so impressed by the company. It was hard for me to believe it was "only" run by students, and that I was a part of it! One thing that I will take with me would be going from planning to action! That's what an event like traineedagen is alot about. And it is such a powerful feeling when you succeed.

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